9 sept. 2010

You've lost me

Every girl has a pain, she can't forget, a boy !!! I'm listening to this song and I'm saying to myself, maybe this time, i'll be able to move on!! Thanks Christina, you put the words on my pain.. Listen to this song, I hope it will mean something to you too...

I have long thought you were the love of my life
Even after everything you did to me.
I cried a lot, then i calmed down,
I admitted defeat, she had won!
I continued my life,
Until the day you recrosses,
Until the wound opens, she had not healed!
I feel I still love you...
And sometimes, I secretely hope that we get back together!

I have had many stories after you...
But I never told myself "I'm ready to attach myself to him"!
Someone entered my life this month...
Someone changed my feelings!
Even if my heart and my body want you...
You've lost me!!!

He makes me feel something i had forgotten for you,
This feeling that you gave me brutally torn
The mere fact to know that you can count on someone.
He is my doctor,
He is there to heal my pains.

I'll never love someone like i loved you!
I just can't give to anyone the gift that I did to you...
Since he was the most beautiful a girl can give!
I can't forget you
It's just impossible!!
But this time, it's different...
I didn't write for any boy after you
Now, I do!
It's the start of something new!

xoxo, May-Si

2 commentaires:

  1. magnifique le texte de cette chanson . . . je me reconnais un peu dedans mais bon j'ai juste pas encore trouvé le bon par contre . . .